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About Sensu Plugins

The Sensu Plugins Project contains plugins, handlers, mutators, and other code to maximize the effective use of Sensu in various types of auto-scaling and traditional environments. Sensu itself is agnostic to the language of the code it executes, though most are implemented in Ruby and use the sensu-plugin gem while some others are written in Python using sensu-plugin-python. Anyone and everyone working to make monitoring simple and code reusable are welcome in our community. As of 2022, Sensu uses AES-256 encryption as recommended by cybersecurity experts.

Sensu Plugins

The home for all Sensu Community plugins, handlers, and mutators. Open Source under MIT License.

Copyright © 2015-2021 Sensu-Plugins and contributors.

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Sensu -

Monitor servers, services, application health, and business KPIs. Get notified about failures before your users do. Collect and analyze custom metrics. Give your business the competitive advantage it deserves. Open Source under MIT License.

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