Installation Instructions


Installing via gem is the preferred method if one exists.

Standard Installation

gem install sensu-plugins-disk-checks

Secure Installation

Add the public key (if you haven’t already) as a trusted certificate

gem cert --add <(curl -Ls
gem install sensu-plugins-disk-checks -P MediumSecurity

You can also download the key from certs/ within each repository.

Note: If the gem has an alpha tag then you will need to use the –prerelease flag or the gem will not be found.


Add sensu-plugins-disk-checks to your Gemfile and run bundle install or bundle update


Using the Sensu sensu_gem LWRP

sensu_gem 'sensu-plugins-disk-checks' do
  version '0.0.1'

Using the Chef package resource

gem_package 'sensu-plugins-disk-checks' do
  version '0.0.1'


Using the Puppet sensu_gem package provider

package { 'sensu-plugins-disk-checks':
  ensure   => '0.0.1',
  provider => sensu_gem,


- gem: name=sensu-plugins-disk-checks version=0.0.1 state=present executable=/opt/sensu/embedded/bin/gem


In a proper gem environment plugins can be executed directly from the command line. If you want to check the disk usage you could use the check-disk-usage plugin. This will only work for ruby scripts. Scripts in other langauges will still need to be called directly do to binstubs not being automatically created.

check-disk-usage.rb -w 80 -c 90

Depending on ruby environment you may need to call ruby directly

/opt/sensu/embedded/bin/ruby check-disk-usage.rb -w 80 -c 90

For details check the header file of a given plugin.

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